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Bernice was concerned about the crowding of her lower front teeth and her uneven smile, but she didn't want to wear traditional braces. Look what Invisalign did for her!

after before


Darla was unhappy with the look of the old crowns on her front teeth, and didn't feel her smile was reflective of her. We replaced the old crowns, added an additional crown for symmetry, and gave her a smile she is happy to show off.

after before


Rosa didn't like the look of her chipped and misshaped front teeth, or her old metal fillings in the back. We totally changed her smile with all-ceramic crowns and whitening.

after after before


Zac was congenitally missing 2 of his front teeth, but he didn't have enough room for implants . After he got done with braces we placed 2 porcelain bridges to restore his smile and his confidence!

after after before


Michele came in wishing to straighten her bottom teeth. In less than 6 months with Invisalign we gave her the smile she always wanted.


before before


Miguel knew his teeth were badly worn down, and he didn't like the appearance of his smile. We placed crowns on all his upper teeth to rebuild and permanently whiten his smile, while at the same time correcting his bite. His bottom teeth currently have temporary crowns on them until we finish the case a little later.

Now Miguel's beautiful new smile reflects his personality!

before after before after


Trevor was a typical Invisalign case. He had crowded and uneven teeth, but didn't want to wear traditional braces. In only 8 months we were able to give him a great smile with Invisalign.

before after before


Sara had small lateral incisors that she didn't really like. We straightened her smile with orthodontics, but she still had the little teeth. We placed some no-prep Lumineers and transformed her smile without having to remove any tooth structure at all!

anterior-open sara final


Michelle wanted to even out all of her chipped teeth and make them a little longer. We placed porcelain crowns to rebuild her beautiful smile.

pre-op apart
final apart


Lara had a great smile after she got done with braces, but she wanted her teeth whiter and more ideally shaped. We were able to give her the smile she wanted with Lumineers.

pre-op apart
final apart


Scott started out with teeth that were just too small for his smile. He went thru orthodontic treatment to get his teeth properly aligned, but he still had spaces between them. To solve this delema Scott had Lumineers to close all the spaces between his teeth after his braces were removed.



Josh had relatively large space, called a diastema, between his front two teeth. To improve his smile we placed veneers to change the shape of his teeth, even out the edges, and close the space.



Deb always wanted to change the look of her smile. She had worn teeth, one that was darker due to an old root canal, and a gold restoration right up in the front. To give Deb the smile she deserved we placed porcelain crowns to change the shape and overall appearance of her teeth.



Dave had porcelain crowns to change the shape of his malpositioned teeth, close spaces, and hide the fact that he was missing a tooth.



Linda had Lumineers to change the shape of her teeth, close spaces, and dramatically whiten her smile.



Robin was a great Invisalign case.  The orthodontist said she would need jaw surgery and several years of braces to correct her smile.  She didn't want to go through all that treatment, and decided to fix the appearance of her smile with Invisalign and whitening.  In only one year she had a great new smile!

Final Smile Anterior pre-op Anterior final




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