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“When being faced with a dental emergency on Father’s Day, Dr. Klingel was more than willing and accommodating to take care of me. Since that visit Dr. Klingel and his team have replaced my existing upper veneers to give me the smile I’ve always wanted."

— Linda, Quincy

“Never had a more pleasant dental experience for me and the family.”

— Greg, Quincy

“Dr. Klingel’s initial exam was the most comprehensive dental checkup I’ve ever had! I really appreciated the attention to detail and the pictures.”

— Jordan, Moses Lake

“I had done some research, and had decided that Lumineers® might be a good solution to improve my smile. Dr. Klingel and his team did a wonderful job, and my new smile really reflects who I am.”

— Linda, Quincy

“There was no pressure whatsoever in his diagnosis, merely suggestions to improve my smile and overall health. Lisa the hygienist was very gentle and made me feel very comfortable. I am not scared of the dentist but I certainly appreciated the gentle approach.”

— Korey, Wenatchee

“I was always somewhat self-conscious when I smiled, because I never liked the way my front teeth looked. Dr. Klingel and his team changed all that, and now I’m more than happy to show off my beautiful smile.”

— Sarah, Quincy

“One constant of my 31+ years living in Quincy has been the remarkable dental care available. Dr. Seaberg has been followed in his dedicated service to Quincy citizens by Dr. Greg Klingel. Although change is unsettling, I am more than pleased with the continuing quality of care. The staff continues to be upbeat and professional while their dedication to patients remains constant. Dr. Klingel is comforting in the expert level of his training and his attention to detail. When he suggested that my dental care required extensive crown work, I hesitated but decided to trust his judgment. I am extremely pleased with the results of this treatment and the improvement the procedure made to my dental health as well as my appearance. I look forward to the same superb dental care from Dr. Greg that I have come to expect in my hometown.”

— Danna, Quincy

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